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About Vizual...

Vizual’s purpose is to deliver an exceptional end-to-end digital journey experience to small, medium and large businesses. The team at Vizual know that navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming which is why they have a suite of Branding and Digital Marketing solutions available to suit any unique business need.

Vizual understand the transformative power of effective Branding and Digital Media and work hand-in-hand with businesses to develop campaigns that deliver positive ROI over and over again.

By working with Vizual, businesses can operate with complete ‘peace of mind’ that their digital presence is being amplified and that they are being cared for by a team of passionate experts who will put their business first.

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Meet Liv...

With a career that began in sports broadcasting and media, Liv Wilson has always maintained a tendency to evoke happiness in those who are around her. This knack for communication and a natural ability for design and content creation would culminate towards the inception of 'Vizual.'


Originating as a co-founded digital marketing company, Liv would realise her passion for all things digital and no sooner would become the sole owner of the Vizual brand.


As a one woman army, Vizual can provide the transparent, personal service that their competitors cannot. Vizual's strong personal values, empathy towards others and a level of authenticity to every client interaction stems from Liv's personal values and is what has given Vizual its glowing reputation and ultimately, Vizual's point of difference in the industry.

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